Concept And Presentation Models

Specialized Finishing

Our highly-skilled team of craftsmen provides an exacting level of quality and handcrafted precision to 3D printed or machined models. Their expertise turns these into beautiful models used for presentations. With unrivaled quality, our team ensures that reveal lines are maintained, colors are closely matched, assemblies have a perfect fit and function as they are supposed to.

Finishing Options

  • Cosmetic Surface Qualities such as Smooth, Textured, Glossy, or Soft Touch
  • Color Matching to a Pantone Number or a Color Sample
  • Metal Plating
  • EMI Shielding
  • Pad Printing or Transfers
  • Over-molds
  • Inserts, Helicoils, or Tapping

Why Concept Models?

  • Presentation Models for Product Introduction, Trade Shows or Photo Shoots
  • Market Studies for Functionality and/or Color Schemes
  • Visual Models for Contract Proposals
  • Small and Very Large Parts
  • Presentations to Management and Other Design Teams

Key Attributes

  • Multiple Technologies and Processes Utilized for Optimum Results
  • Full Assemblies with Client Supplied Hardware or Electronics
  • Water Clear Materials for Light Pipes, Lenses, Covers or Containers
  • Custom Painting

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