SLA QuickCast Patterns

How It Works

Semi-hollow plastic patterns are used in the Investment Casting process in lieu of wax patterns. The patterns are processed similarly to wax (without autoclave) and flash-fired from the ceramic mold.

Why QuickCast?

  • Best Accuracy
  • Best Surface Quality
  • Large Parts
  • Good for Design Verification of Castings
  • Ideal for Testing The Gating and Sprue Configurations
  • No Molds Needed
  • Eliminates or Postpones Tooling
  • Single Piece, Small Batches or Production Quantities

Key Attributes

  • Accuracy: ± 0.005”/Inch, ± 0.002”/Inch Thereafter
  • Build Envelope: 25.6” x 29.5” x 21.7”(h)
  • Larger Parts Are Built in Sections and Bonded Together with UV Resins
  • Surface Finishes: Smooth as Sanded or with Clear Coat
  • Vacuum and Pressure Tested
  • With or Without Test Valve
  • Inspection Report with Each Pattern
  • Materials:
    • CastPro
    • Watershed (11122)
    • Element — Antimony Free


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