Urethane Castings

How It Works

Multiple castings (copies) are made with the use of a silicone mold that is created with a master pattern. Urethanes are a thermoset plastic that share similar characteristics as production and engineering thermoplastics. It’s a fast means to launch products to market and generate batches for functional testing and short run production. The process is also known as RTV, silicone molding, and rubber molding.

We also offer medical grade silicone for Class VI applications. To learn more, contact us at 805.484.7234 or sales@rapid-products.com.

Why Urethane Castings?

  • Fast Compared to Injection Molding – Few Days
  • A Fraction of The Cost of Injection Molding
  • Very Broad Range of Materials That Mimic Production Plastics
  • Design Changes Can Be Easily Made
  • Single Prototypes or Low to Medium Volume Production
  • Design Verification: Form, Fit and Function

Key Attributes

  • Rigid and Rubber-Like Materials
  • Functional Engineering Testing
  • Market Testing and Introduction
  • Great for Single Pieces or Assemblies
  • Color Pigmentation to Meet Color Requirements
  • Secondary Processes Such as EMI, Pad Printing, and Plating
  • High Temperature and Flame Retardant
  • Surfaces: Textured, Smooth, Glossy, and Painted
  • Water Clear: Urethane, PMMA, Acrylic, and Polycarbonate


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